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Turning Point 8 for Powerpoint

Turning Point 8 is an audience polling system. In class, you ask your students questions, they answer electronically and you will see the results immediately in the form of a chart.

You can use Turning Point 8 to see if your students did their assigned readings by asking them “clicker” questions about it. You can ask “clicker” questions about a topic before you lecture on it to see how much they already know about it. You can ask “clicker” questions after you’ve lectured about a topic to see if they understood it.

After class is over, you can save the polling data and assign point values for answering questions correctly. The point values can be uploaded to the Grade Center on Blackboard so they can get credit for their responses. Additionally, you can also Turning Point 8 for attendance.

Turning Point 8 Instructions for Set Up and Use

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