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ParScore is a computer software that works in conjunction with the Scantron scanners located in various departments across the campuses. Exams are graded and stored in a grade book, which can be exported and then imported to Blackboard or for final grading using the Grading Entry System.

Benefits and Key Features

  • Score paper based assessments quickly and easily.
  • Export grades for easy transfer to your grade book, including Blackboard.

Available To

All MCPHS Faculty and Staffl.

Getting Started

First time users: Submit a Help Desk request to have a ParScore account created for you.

How to use ParScore.

Helpful Information

Submit a ticket using the:
MCPHS Online Ticketing System

Off-campus access

Phone support:
Available 24/7/365



3rd Floor Tech Center
Matricaria Building

Brant Building
Room 130

19 Foster Street
2nd Floor