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MCPHS University is using CoVerified, a platform built to help colleges and universities get safely back to campus.

Benefits and Key Features

  • Daily health screening
  • Schedule and receive test results
  • Report contacts for contact tracing, if necessary

Available To

All MCPHS Students, Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Download the Mobile app

Login to Web Portal

Additional Information

Logging into the app

  • Enter your full MCPHS username and click Log In
    • Ex:
    • You'll be re-directed to the MCPHS login portal. If you're off-campus, you'll be prompted for your multi-factor authentication
  • If you're a visitor, login with your email address
  • Accept the Terms and Privacy Policy
  • Choose whether or not you’ll be on campus soon

Choosing Your CoVerified Status

If you are planning to be on an MCPHS campus within 14 days, your status in the CoVerified app should be “On Campus.” However, you should change your status to “Remote” if any of the following conditions is true:

  • You are living off-campus and have no on-campus interactions
  • You are living off-campus, are on clinical rotations, and have no on-campus interactions
  • You are not planning on having any on-campus interactions for at least 14 days

Please note that by changing your status to “Remote” you are confirming you have no plans to return to campus for at least 14-days. When you are ready to return to campus and begin symptom reporting and testing protocols again, simply press the “Return to Campus” button to change your setting back to “On Campus” again.

Remote Status Reporting

Clearance Gating

  • Determine if you are clear or restricted from campus when logging into the app
  • Clearance criteria includes symptom reporting, completing a quarantine or getting tested regularly

Report Symptoms / Daily Health Screening

  • You will be prompted to report symptoms every 24 hours
  • To report symptoms, select the “Report” icon from the menu bar, then select “Report Symptoms”
  • Choose any new symptoms that may apply, or none at all
  • If you report any of the symptoms listed, you will be prompted to report contacts

Report Contacts

  • You will be automatically prompted to report contacts after receiving a positive COVID-19 test or submitting a positive symptom report
  • To report contacts, select the “Report” icon from the bottom of the app screen and then select “Report Contacts”
  • To report a contact, simply type the beginning of the contact’s name and select the individual from the list
  • If you have not engaged in extended contact with anyone in the past 5 days, select “No contacts to report”

Test Scheduling

  • You can schedule COVID-19 PCR tests on campus by selecting the “Testing” icon at the bottom of the app screen
  • To schedule a test, select “Schedule a Test”
  • After a testing option is chosen, choose “Book” to confirm and schedule the test
  • Upcoming tests will show up on the Testing page

Test Results

  • Access your test results directly from the home page of the CoVerified App
  • Selecting “Test History” on the home page allows visualization all COVID-19 test results that are in the CoVerified system

Info Menu & Support

  • Access the MCPHS Info Center by selecting “Info” menu icon
  • To report a problem, select “App support” and designate whether the problem is related to a technical issue or campus policy

Helpful Information

Submit a ticket using the:
MCPHS Online Ticketing System

Off-campus access

Phone support:
Available 24/7/365



3rd Floor Tech Center
Matricaria Building

Brant Building
Room 130

19 Foster Street
2nd Floor