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Eduroam (education roaming) allows users from participating academic institutions across the globe secure Internet access at any eduroam-enabled institution. Currently, eduroam is available at thousands of colleges and universities across more than 50 countries. This service allows you to travel to any of these colleges or universities and connect securely to the internet.

Currently, eduroam services are available across public areas at all six Colleges of the Fenway institutions along with many other Boston area higher education institutions and libraries. Use the links below to see other locations where eduroam is available!

Where can I find eduroam?

How does eduroam work?

After you connect to the eduroam network at your home institution, you will be able to carry your laptop or device from campus to campus and simply reconnect to the eduroam network available on the campus you are visiting. Simply connect to the eduroam wireless network available on-campus, enter your MCPHS University login credentials, and you’re connected!

MCPHS University recommends that you connect to the eduroam network on-campus before attempting to connect at a partnering institution as your home institution (MCPHS University), not the college or university you are visiting, is responsible for providing you support.

I’m a student, faculty, or staff member, can I use eduroam while I’m on-campus?

Yes, but you will still be required to register your device, install the Bradford Dissolvable Agent, and perform a security scan on your PC or device. Utilizing the eduroam network does not exempt members of the MCPHS University community from meeting the security standards we have in place to protect other members of the community. Members of the MCPHS community should opt to use the "MCPW" wireless network while on campus.

How do I connect to eduroam?

Information Services has created detailed connection instructions for users interested in utilizing eduroam, please select the appropriate documentation link below for your operating system:

PC: Windows 8
PC: Windows 7
Mac: OS X
Apple iPhone/iPad
Android Devices

With Microsoft’s decision to end-of-life Windows XP, Information Services will no longer support this operating system. Please take the opportunity to upgrade your system to a newer, more secure operating system.

Helpful Information

Submit a ticket using the:
MCPHS Online Ticketing System

Off-campus access

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