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Student Print Policy & Quota

Print Policy & Quota

The MCPHS Information Services department is consistently working to devise printing solutions that serve multiple purposes: control costs, reduce paper waste, and provide a critical service to contribute to student academic success. Over the past several years, printing costs have continued to escalate, and paper waste has been more prevalent. We have instituted limitations that should alleviate several areas of concern. We have invested in high‐end laser printer/copier devices to provide a more efficient and reliable printing environment for students.

  1. Purpose:

This policy outlines acceptable usage, limitations, and quota management of all student accessible printing devices across the MCPHS community.

  1. Scope:

    This policy is intended for use by all MCPHS students who are actively enrolled in any face-to-face course on any of the University’s three campus locations.

  2. General Policy – Printing:
  • Students are provided a print quota of 25 credits per semester for the academic year.
  • Credits can be used for black and white and/or color prints.
  • Students may use their MCPHS print quota to print up to 50 pages per day, maximum.
  • If a student wants to print beyond the 25 credits, they must activate and load money onto their Fenway Card through the Fenway Card website.
  • Print jobs are queued to print and will not print until a student ‘releases’ them by tapping their ID badge at any open printer’s card reader.
  • Jobs are held in the queue for 24 hours, after which they are automatically deleted.
    These deleted jobs are NOT counted towards the students’ quota.
  • Printers default to double-sided.
  • Students are required to use their ID cards to release a print job.
  • Students who don’t have an ID card or have lost it will not be able to print until it is replaced.
  1. Printing Credits:
  • Black and white prints
    • Simplex or single-sided pages: .05 credits per sheet
    • Duplex or double-sided pages: .10 credits per sheet
  • Color prints
    • Simplex or single-sided pages: .30 credits per sheet
    • Duplex or double-sided pages: .50 credits per sheet
  • 25 print credits equates to 500 black and white pages or 83 color pages.


  1. Refunds:

Students who experience errors on FENWAY Cash print jobs can request a refund through the PaperCut interface. Instructions can be found on the Information Services website. Requests must be submitted through the PaperCut system and cannot be made in-person.

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