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How do I setup my voicemail for the first time?

Your phone extension and voicemail box have been provisioned automatically for you and have been sent to the person that requested your account.

To configure your Audix Voicemail box for use, please follow these steps:

  1. Dial the voicemail access number for your campus or press the Voicemail button on your phone
  2. Enter your extension and press #
  3. Enter your voicemail password and press #
  4. The system will take you into the automated setup process where you will:
    Record your name to be played to users when leaving a message
    Set your default password to access the system

When the setup is complete the system will bring you into your voicemail box where you will be able to access any messages that are waiting to be checked.

Helpful Information

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MCPHS Online Ticketing System

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