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Web Services

Web Services is the division of Information Services (IS) that specializes in furthering the University’s needs through the web medium. We're responsible for providing backend web services in areas such as online forms that connect to databases, and programming services in HTML, CSS, ASP.Net, Javascript, etc. In addition, we provide website maintenance support and consultations, publishing, various levels of online editing, and we maintain the University's digital signage.

Request and Contact Methods

To request content edits or a project for the or sites:

Submit a ticket using the MCPHS Online Ticketing System. Select "Marketing ( site)" option.

Instructions for submitting web tickets can be found here.

For other general web inquiries:


Project Catalog and Timelines

Web Services assists in various project requests and will always endeavor to resolve problems as quickly as possible. However, sufficient lead-time is needed to manage the volume of project requests that are received daily.

The Marketing team currently governs web content edits for both the University's internal My dot site (the site you're on right now) as well as content change requests for our external, site. Requests for either site can be made through the MCPHS Online Ticketing System.
Note: Web Services edits Directory Bio pages for both sites. 

Production times vary depending on the nature of the project and the Web Services’ workload; consider the following estimated timelines when submitting your project request to Web Services:

Project Type


Timeline Estimate

Critical site functionality errors Pages not loading, broken forms, Broken navigation As soon as possible
Non-critical site functionality errors Broken links within content, spelling errors, formatting issues, missing/broken images As soon as possible
URL redirect creation Shortlink request 1 business day
Campus monitor slides upload or removal Uploading of JPGs to Scala, management system 2 business days
Content edits and media uploads
Existing content, directory Bio information, announcements, new images, etc. 2 business days
Form edits Edits necessary for existing online forms 2-3 business days
Form development* Data collection of faculty, staff, students, or perspective students Dependent on project scope
New webpage request or deletion of existing webpage* New webpage(s), deletion of webpage(s) Dependent on project scope
Page redesign* Web component additions Dependent on project scope
Webpage reorganization involving site navigation changes* Reorganization of a website section Dependent on project scope

*Some projects may require collaboration with Marketing and Creative Services or Application Development. These projects include but are not limited to the creation of new pages as well as new content, the reorganization of pages with respect to site navigation, and the development of online forms that require the use of a database. Upon receipt of these types of requests, Web Services and/or Marketing will contact you to discuss the project details. An estimated time frame will be determined at that point.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is centrally administrated through the SCALA Content Manager website. Acceptable content for digital signage includes student events, activities, and notices. Any material not considered appropriate by Web Services or Campus Life will not be approved.

Accepted File Formats and Dimensions

For the vertical monitors on all campuses:

  • JPG - 686 pixels wide by 1200 pixels tall

For the horizontal monitors on the Boston campus:

  • JPG - 2500 pixels wide by 1430 pixels tall

Slide Design Tips

  • Keep it Simple: Each slide is displayed for seven seconds. If you keep your message simple, it will be easy for viewers to read and remember.
  • Select Text and Background Color: A background color can add a lot of visual interest to your slide. Try putting light colored text on a dark background or viceā€versa to make your message easy to read.
  • Include an Image (or Two): Don’t use too many though, or they could overwhelm your message.

Making Digital Signage Requests

Web Services currently governs the uploading and slide rotations for the vertical monitors on all campuses. Requests for uploads to these monitors should be made through the MCPHS Online Ticketing System.

Campus Life governs the content on the larger horizontal monitors in the Atrium on the Boston Campus. The media on these monitors is specifically for student clubs and events. Requests should go through the Campus Life office.  

Helpful Information

Submit a ticket using the:
MCPHS Online Ticketing System

Off-campus access

Phone support:
Available 24/7/365



3rd Floor Tech Center
Matricaria Building

Brant Building
Room 130

19 Foster Street
2nd Floor